Tuesday, November 17, 2009

re-engineered, rechargable, biblotek

cuz steampunk stuff sort of annoys me.
an old friend and ex-coworker sari from the infamous martini bar of prague in the early 90's has come up with this great idea of how mask a solar charger in an old book->

"Solar charger finished... with carrying case made from a book.


Needed a hinged case to house the components - wanted to add warmth to the cold components, something which naturally would not short out the circuit or heat up easily and be a simple form factor (the original project suggests an altoid tin).

Technique inspired by the Burroughs and Gysin cut up method, aesthetic derived from A Humument by Tom Phillips (an artist book created from a Victorian novel).

This project was a true lesson in materials... slow going and things broke and needed to be repaired. Humbling. And I have yet to understand it from an energy perspective."

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  1. Steampunk stuff annoys me too. It's nice to see that Sari is active and inspired these days.