Tuesday, March 31, 2009

INCA-TEK2012 Ecosystem Festival : Sacred Valley Cuzco Peru

so my friend from bassbot soundsystem is having a festival for the end/beginning of the world and it looks like he's getting an early start on things. i will almost surely be there.
more info as i get it, but until then- peru 2012

"Good day brothers and sisters...

I am proud to annouce that the planning stages for INCA-TEK 2012 is well underway, We are asking everyone who is interested in joining us for this epic event to please sign up to our website:


We will use this site to share information on how the event will unfold and pass down information on how you can prepare yourself and your community for this epic event. We ask that you please gather up energy within yourself and amongst friends and think about ways to contribute electronic music and/or knowledge pertaining to permaculture, earthship building and self sustainable living techniques.

This is an ecological gathering and we ask all participants to please respect this sacred space. Our efforts will bring together, electronic music, eco-knowledge, international community building and sacred shamanic wisdom...

May you be guided by light and illuminated through your journey in life.



Monday, March 30, 2009

home-bum dome

this kid has a future...and even if he doesn't, he can live in this collapsible "home dome".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

mind your business

i first saw this in national geographic. our first piece of currency was a piece of poetic art. the words "mind your business" and "fugio" (which means time fly's in latin) written across the front wreak of individualism and life. unlike the new dollar, with the all seeing eye watching your every move (doesn't the symbolism on the one dollar bill seem sinister to you?)...if at all possible, i think we should revert to those values. get rid of "in dog we trust". it means nothingness. those words have gotten us nowhere.
keep our god to yourself, or mind your business because- time flys.

don't eat the thalamis papadropadis!!

more of this kind of ridiculousness at-->

Monday, March 23, 2009

born again c.i.a propaganda...

i watch a lot of late night t.v without cable and ran into this revelations, armageddon freak. i'm starting to think that this whole born-again christian televangelist scene is a c.i.a plant to control the masses. this guy is really over the edge and blatant. i only watched the beginning, cuz the rest is just straight-up bla, bla, but the beginning is classic.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

unfortunate truth's...

a couple years back i tried to find the people i was in the army with 20 years ago. it was definitely a lost cause, i think mostly because during the first iraq war many of my friends lost it. war does that to a lot of people. the death toll that the government releases does nothing to represent the destruction war releases on the military families/veterans. so, i signed up for military.com seeking old friends and this week i received this informing me that brain injuries in iraq war veterans could number 360,00 soldiers.
fucking scary.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

thought as time machine

yesterday i sort of went through the day connecting idea's. this happens to me sometimes with music. i'll just walk around the city drinking coffee coming up with strange idea's. i wonder what sparks these sorts of day's? where idea's connect along with the day's events? and then in the end, as the melaton sank in-> i watched this

sort of like listening to grandpa tell you everything you need to know/already knew- genius full throttle...boring at times. but great to go to sleep to.

Friday, March 6, 2009

the doom bunker

this was one of the funniest sketches i've seen in a while. it's a parody of a show glenn beck did on fox news. classic!

picz of the woods

my freind tomaz took some really good pics, so i thought i'd share..
"Last sunday around Gales creek I think."