Wednesday, November 11, 2009

changing the world one crap at a time

the buckminster fuller challenge has a really interesting submission. i wouldn't have thought about this, being a rich american, but people living in the slum's have terrible access to toilet's. "650 people share each toilet cubicle" is just a loosing proposition. i mean thinking of it logically- 650 people- one toilet. you'd have to take a shit, then get back into line for the next day. that's not right.
hopefully bucky's ghost will save the day, proving once again that the circle has much more power than the square.

"Digester: Mixes water and human waste in anaerobic conditions to make biogas; remaining liquid effluent is 90% pathogen free and filtered on site. • BioGas: Used for cooking and can be linked to children’s feeding projects. It reduces carbon emissions by converting methane to CO2 and water and by substituting the need for other fuels. "

Mukuru BioCentres

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