Thursday, May 6, 2010


directions will be posted here for spaztikunicornpan!zerdam on may 19th or before. plan for 1 hour west of ashland, oregon. looking forward to see you there.


  1. dirwreckshuns

    *I-5 N/S to Medford
    *Take Crater Lake Hwy (62) exit #30 or something like that
    *Follow signage to get onto Hwy 238 West to Jacksonville, OR
    *Follow hwy 238 west to Ruch, OR
    *Left on Upper Applegate Rd (just past Ruch store)
    *30 or so miles - road Ts at the end ov Applegate lake
    *Take a L onto Eliot Creek/Applegate Road
    drive until pavement ends (cali border)
    take an immediate right turn (almost a u-turn) onto 1040
    *follow road 5 miles (cross 4-5 bridges)
    *at 5 miles there should be a turnout on your left, almost like a driveway
    *take this and it will dip down into the site.